High-Quality Translation Agency

We are a professional translation agency in Frankfurt which offers exceptional language expertise services. We have an experienced team, flexible prices, and international quality certification.



We provide high-quality and professional translations in many languages. Our focus is on European languages, Arabic and Asian languages. For this purpose, we have an extensive pool of translators all over the world who translate into their native language.



Whether at negotiations, trade fairs or presentations, conferences or speeches, our first-class professional interpreters will provide the necessary support and ensure that you make a good impression – even when abroad.


Terminology Management

We provide a terminology database which guarantees that terms are used correctly. It is extremely important, especially when it comes to technical documents, that binding and consistent terminology is used.

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Why choose us?

Professional translation services in Frankfurt that you can trust


Our translation agency Ka-Ve is registered in accordance with the International Standard ISO 17100:2015 “Translation services – Requirements for translation services”, which serves as a guideline for translation quality assurance.

Languages and File formats

We translate from and into almost all languages. We work with professional translators with a wide range of qualifications. We can handle virtually any file format.

Translation Memory System

Every translation project is completed in our system which serves to expand the database that has been set up for the respective customer. In the long term, this also means cost savings for you, as subsequent projects will often contain text passages which can be recycled from previous translations.


The data provided by our customers is treated as strictly confidential and is only made accessible to those persons who require the data for the execution of the order. With regard to personal data, we meet the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This guarantees the safe storage and handling of customer data. When transmitting large volumes of data, we only use a trusted server in Germany.

Our Value

Our unwavering commitment is reflected in our continuously growing customer base. We have been able to optimise our work processes thanks to our many years of experience. We put great emphasis on close collaboration with our customers and support them in all questions concerning multilingual communication.

And more...

We are able to help our customers in all their projects, even when they have extremely urgent requests. We offer fair prices and take text repetitions into account in order to reduce the price of the translation.

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We will reply to your inquiry promptly and provide you with a non-binding quote free of charge. We adhere to the agreed delivery times.

Quality in translation services has top priority for us, which is why we use state-of-the-art translation technology.

DIN EN ISO 17 100:2016-05

We are registered according to this standard. It describes,  among other things, the process and the creation of translations and the qualification of translators and interpreters.

An experienced agency,
open to the whole world.


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