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founded in 2005, The small company soon grew into a

Highly Productive Translation Agency

We provide high-quality professional translations, interpreting services and terminology management.



Elena Verboonen-Deuster. Empresa de traducció

Elena Verboonen-Deuster

I come from sunny Mexico and have lived in Germany for a number of years. I’ve been a managing partner of Ka-Ve in Bad Vilbel since 2005.

I’m responsible for project handling, terminology management and quality assurance.

Initially, I studied political science at the Universidad Autonóma de México. After moving to France, I then studied French at the Université Le Mirail in Toulouse. This was supplemented by training to become a PDL-certified language trainer in Germany.

I like to travel around the world. And I love to meet new people, not only when I’m under a palm tree. I have swum with dolphins in Florida and have slept in the desert. What I found while travelling: the nature is simply magical and the people are open, friendly and helpful!

My motto for life: Be happy and enjoy life.

Georg Kalla

I am a “Northern Light”, as I originate from the North of Germany (Brunswick). I’ve been a managing partner of Ka-Ve in Bad Vilbel since 2005. I’m responsible for sales and finances, as well as terminology management.

I completed my studies at the Universität der Bundeswehr in Munich (degree in civil engineering) and the distance-learning university Hagen (business studies). During my work with the German armed forces, I was granted authorisation to teach in the subjects of mechanics, physics and commercial blasting techniques. My subsequent job as a project manager for hydraulic steel structures and head of purchasing meant that I became a frequent flyer. The construction sites I was visiting were generally not located next to the airports of the capital cities, so this allowed me to get to know many countries at first hand.

Still today, I have a great desire to travel. It really excites me to travel on my own initiative. I’m particularly interested in the architecture and people of the places I visit.

And then I have my great passion, photography, with which to capture it all.

since 2005

Translation Agency

The translation agency Ka-Ve Kalla & Verboonen-Deuster GbR was founded in Bad Vilbel in 2005 by Elena Verboonen-Deuster and Georg Kalla. The small company soon grew into a highly productive translation agency for companies offering a wide range of services.

We provide high-quality professional translations, interpreting services and terminology management. Our unwavering commitment is reflected in our continuously growing customer base. We put great emphasis on close collaboration with our customers, providing them with comprehensive support in all questions concerning multilingual communication, and are able to call upon an extensive pool of mother-tongue, professional translators and interpreters who have the appropriate cultural background and are located in many countries around the world.

Top Priority

Quality Certified

Quality in translation services has top priority for us, which is why we use state-of-the-art translation technology and are registered in accordance with the so-called “translator standard” DIN EN ISO 17 100:2016-05, which we adhere to strictly. We have been certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard by the TÜV Hessen certification board.

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