Thanks to our technical expertise, we are able to offer professional translations in the majority of industry sectors and subjects.

When products and/ or services are being exported, translations are required for operating and installation instructions, quotations, contracts, and much more. Our translation agency can support our customers in this area thanks to our experience and expertise on professional translations.

In Germany, mechanical engineering and plant construction is one of the largest industries and is characterised, among other things, by a strong focus on exports. German machinery and plants are in demand worldwide due to their quality and reliability. The most important export countries are China, the USA, France and the United Kingdom. However, the so-called emerging countries such as South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey also represent important markets for German companies in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction.


plant construction translation


The VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) describes the importance of the industry as follows:

  • HUMANS The continuous pursuit for a better life characterizes mankind.
  • MACHINES When humans reach their limits, machines help to overcome them.
  • PROGRESS Mechanical engineering is the driver of global progress and is turning today’s ideas into tomorrow’s.

In accordance with the machinery directive that is often applied in this industry, it is specified that the operating instructions of a machine have to be available in the language or languages spoken in the EU member state in which the machine is placed on the market and/or put into service.

We have worked on the following translation services, among others, in the past:

  • Translation of tenders and specifications in plant construction
  • Tender and quotation for dismantling of a nuclear power plant
  • Editorial work, foreign language typesetting, printing and translation of maintenance instructions for excavators
  • Translation of operating instructions for hydraulic units in 7 languages
  • Translation of specifications and operating instructions for a wide range of machinery
  • Translation of specifications for a supplier of the automotive industry

Medical technology translations and medicine represent an important area of expertise for us.

Medical technology comprises the application of findings, principles and rules of the engineering sciences in the medical field. In almost no other field will you find so many different specialists: Engineers, doctors, biologists, chemists and employees in the areas of diagnosis, therapy, nursing, rehabilitation and so on.

Germany plays a leading role here and is the third largest producer of medical technology in the world after the USA and Japan. This means there is strong focus on exports in the medical technology industry in Germany. But medical technology is also imported to Germany from the USA and Japan on an enormous scale.



In addition to translations in medical technology, we also cover the field of medicine.

We have provided professional translations for the following projects, among others, in the past:

  • Instructions for a wide range of laboratory equipment
  • Doctor’s reports
  • Articles in medical journals
  • Phrase books for doctors and patients from refugees’ countries of origin in Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya, English, …

Marketing represents a very important aspect of business.

The task of marketing is to place products and services on the market in such a way that they are perceived to be desirable by potential buyers.

Over the years, our translation agency has acquired considerable experience and expertise through the professional translations of marketing and advertising texts for individual products and services in a wide range of industries (automotive, finance products, medicine and medical technology, machinery, consumer goods and many more).



One major challenge here is the fact that the translator cannot translate the texts literally but instead has to translate them in such a way that the correct meaning is conveyed in the respective target language. And this can only be ensured when using mother-tongue translators based in the respective target country. When translating such texts into English, it is therefore also important to know whether the texts are to be translated into British English or English for the United States.

We have provided professional translations for the following projects, among others, in the past:

  • Translation of websites in the fields of mechanical engineering, medical technology, economy, automotive industry, hydraulic engineering, IT, software, household appliances, fashion and many more
  • Translation of brochures and flyers in the aforementioned fields

No industry can do without law and economy.

Professional translations of legal texts and documents are required by both small and large companies, as well as private persons, whether it be legislative texts, contracts or legal correspondence. In addition, our translation agency often receives documents from the field of business/commerce, such as annual reports, financial statements, tax assessments, etc. It is in the area of law and economy, in particular, that precise phrasing is of the utmost importance and the requirements on the translator are correspondingly high. Our professional, mother-tongue translators who work in this area, some of whom are in fact legal practitioners or business people, have the necessary qualifications and experience to meet these high demands.



We have translated a wide range of documents in the past:

  • Contracts in the fields of plant construction, mechanical engineering, hydraulic engineering and many more
  • Correspondence in judicial and extra-judicial proceedings
  • Notarial deeds (purchase contracts for real estate, land charges, marriage contracts, …)
  • Excerpts from the commercial register, articles of partnership, …
  • Annual reports, financial statements, …
  • Personal documents (birth and marriage certificates, wills, certificates of no impediment, …)
  • Documents from refugees which are required in the course of asylum procedures, and much more

We know all about hydraulic engineering!

Since the foundation of Ka-Ve in 2005, a particular focus has been placed on the fields of hydraulic engineering and hydraulic steel structures. This is not by pure chance: Georg Kalla, the joint owner of Ka-Ve, was a project manager for hydraulic steel structures with a major German company in this industry and supervised various projects in many different countries.

German engineers and specialists are involved in the planning and project management of many hydropower plants, weir systems, locks and other hydraulic structures all over the world. And many German companies are hired for the supply, assembly and installation of these structures. We have earned the trust of many customers in this field on both the project planning side (engineering firms, consulting, …) as well as the project implementation side.


Source: DSD Noell GmbH


Our experience in this area has proven to be a boon for us – and a major advantage for our customers!

We have translated for the following projects, among others, in the past:

  • Ship lift at the Three Gorges Dam in China
  • Sea lock in Bremerhaven
  • Several large dams in Africa, and in Georgia
  • Tenders for weir systems and dams, for example, in Sweden, Bosnia, Columbia, Angola and France

Construction engineering encompasses all work areas and specialist disciplines which deal with the installation and construction of residential and industrial buildings, bridges, roads, infrastructure projects and other constructions.

Specifically, this includes the planning activities performed by architects and engineers, the construction work itself, the building materials and structural designs used as well as the contracted parties (architect, engineer, builder, contractor, …).

The area of construction work alone shows how diverse this can be: Excavation work, concrete and reinforced concrete work, masonry work, interior construction, work on facades and roofs, timber work. The list could go on and on.

In terms of contractual obligations, there are the contracting rules for award of public works (VOB) to be considered for domestic projects as well as, for example, the FIDIC contracts (Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs Conseils) for foreign projects.

We are able to offer professional translations in all these areas by ordering translators with the necessary experience and expertise.



We have translated for the following projects, among others, in the past:

  • Tenders, contracts and specifications in the areas of architecture and construction engineering, building construction, plant construction, construction of commercial premises
  • Service specifications
  • Construction plans
  • Project correspondence
  • Correspondence in legal disputes
  • Specifications and usage guidelines for building materials
  • Fire safety regulations



New innovations come thick and fast in particular in the areas of IT, electronics & electrics and software. And products from these areas can be found in virtually all branches of technology.

Such products usually need to be explained in detail, which means that there are plenty of operating instructions, user manuals, guides and other documents requiring translation.

We have translated for the following projects, among others, in the past:

  • Software manuals for a manufacturer in the SAP environment
  • In-house manuals for SAP software for various customers
  • Instructions for software in the area of mechanical engineering
  • Instructions for electronic/electric systems in the area of mechanical engineering and plant construction


In addition to the previous specialist fields, there are a whole range of other technical fields, including:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Photovoltaic
  • Manuals and training documents in the area of quality management
  • And much more

We have provided translations in the following areas:

  • Instructions for a manufacturer in the area of solar technology, including foreign language typesetting
  • Quotations and specifications for solar parks, wind farms, biogas plants

We have provided technical translations and been able to assist our customers in many other fields not mentioned here.

To name just a few of the projects we have worked on:

  • Phrase books for refugees to help introduce them to German in Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya, Urdu, Oromo, …
  • Phrase books in Russian, Polish, French, Bulgarian and Romanian
  • Various translations for the tourism industry (tourist offices)


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