Marketing represents a very important aspect of business.

The task of marketing is to place products and services on the market in such a way that they are perceived to be desirable by potential buyers.

Over the years, our translation agency has acquired considerable experience and expertise through the professional translations of marketing and advertising texts for individual products and services in a wide range of industries (automotive, finance products, medicine and medical technology, machinery, consumer goods and many more).

One major challenge here is the fact that the translator cannot translate the texts literally but instead has to translate them in such a way that the correct meaning is conveyed in the respective target language. And this can only be ensured when using mother-tongue translators based in the respective target country. When translating such texts into English, it is therefore also important to know whether the texts are to be translated into British English or English for the United States.

We have provided professional translations for the following projects, among others, in the past:

  • Translation of websites in the fields of mechanical engineering, medical technology, economy, automotive industry, hydraulic engineering, IT, software, household appliances, fashion and many more
  • Translation of brochures and flyers in the aforementioned fields





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