Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction


When products and/ or services are being exported, translations are required for operating and installation instructions, quotations, contracts, and much more. Our translation agency can support our customers in this area thanks to our experience and expertise on professional translations.

In Germany, mechanical engineering and plant construction is one of the largest industries and is characterised, among other things, by a strong focus on exports. German machinery and plants are in demand worldwide due to their quality and reliability. The most important export countries are China, the USA, France and the United Kingdom. However, the so-called emerging countries such as South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey also represent important markets for German companies in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction.


plant construction translation


The VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) describes the importance of the industry as follows:

  • HUMANS The continuous pursuit for a better life characterizes mankind.
  • MACHINES When humans reach their limits, machines help to overcome them.
  • PROGRESS Mechanical engineering is the driver of global progress and is turning today’s ideas into tomorrow’s.

In accordance with the machinery directive that is often applied in this industry, it is specified that the operating instructions of a machine have to be available in the language or languages spoken in the EU member state in which the machine is placed on the market and/or put into service.

We have worked on the following translation services, among others, in the past:

  • Translation of tenders and specifications in plant construction
  • Translation of tender and quotation for dismantling of a nuclear power plant
  • Editorial work, foreign language typesetting, printing and translation of maintenance instructions for excavators
  • Translation of operating instructions for hydraulic units in 7 languages
  • Translation of specifications and operating instructions for a wide range of machinery
  • Translation of specifications for a supplier of the automotive industry



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