Medical Technology and Medicine


Medical technology translations and medicine represent an important area of expertise for us.

Medical technology comprises the application of findings, principles and rules of the engineering sciences in the medical field. In almost no other field will you find so many different specialists: Engineers, doctors, biologists, chemists and employees in the areas of diagnosis, therapy, nursing, rehabilitation and so on.

Germany plays a leading role here and is the third largest producer of medical technology in the world after the USA and Japan. This means there is strong focus on exports in the medical technology industry in Germany. But medical technology is also imported to Germany from the USA and Japan on an enormous scale.

In addition to translations in medical technology, we also cover the field of medicine.

We have provided professional translations for the following projects, among others, in the past:

  • Instructions for a wide range of laboratory equipment
  • Doctor’s reports
  • Articles in medical journals
  • Phrase books for doctors and patients from refugees’ countries of origin in Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya, English, …






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