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Language forms the basis of all verbal communication and serves to connect people around the world. Yet sometimes language barriers have to be overcome: and that’s exactly where we come in!

Our professional, experienced and technically adept interpreters will get you connected to your international business partners. Whether at negotiations, trade fairs or presentations, conferences or speeches, our interpreters will provide the necessary support and ensure that you make a good impression – even when abroad. In principle, there are two types of interpreting: simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter sits in a soundproof interpreting booth and interprets simultaneously into the target language. This represents the more demanding type of interpreting in terms of the interpreter’s concentration level and vocal skills. This is why, in this case, we use two interpreters who take turns every 30 minutes in order to guarantee a professional interpreting service.

with a time delay

Consecutive Interpreting

This form of interpreting takes place with a time delay. In consultation with the speaker, the interpreted text can be spoken after every sentence or after a few sentences. We mainly provide this service at ceremonies, such as weddings in a registry office, receptions, and so on, but also at panel discussions and similar events.
A differentiation is made between conference interpreting and court interpreting, depending on the event.

A good interpreter should: be an extremely good listener; have excellent sensory, motor and cognitive skills; have an extensive vocabulary in multiple languages; be culturally aware; cope with stress and show self-control when dealing with difficult speakers as well as emotional resilience.

interpreters with legal knowledge

Court Interpreting

Highly qualified, sworn interpreters with legal knowledge are also called for when court proceedings are being conducted in different languages.
In this case, the interpreters generally perform consecutive interpreting, so that everyone present in the courtroom can follow the proceedings, but “whispered” interpreting for individual persons is sometimes also used in court.
We will be happy to provide you with a sworn interpreter for assignments involving courts, administrative offices, lawyers or notaries.

the right tools

Conference Equipement

The conference equipment we use comprises the following as required:

  • Microphone system for interpreter and speaker
  • Mobile microphones for questions from the audience
  • Required number of (radio) headsets
  • Amplification system with loudspeakers for transmission of the speeches
  • Soundproof interpreting booth with 2 workstations

The conference equipment is set up prior to the event in consultation with the client and a technician is available to operate the equipment at all times during the event.

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