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We provide high-quality and professional translations in many languages from around the globe. Our focus is on European languages, Arabic and Asian languages.

We have a network of over 500 established, professional translators from around the world. Our international network also allows us to offer translations in uncommon languages. For example, we have worked on translation services in several phrase books for refugees in the respective languages (Dari, Tigrinya, Kurmanji, …).

Professional translations form an essential component for success in the global market. We are committed to this principle, as can be seen in the trusting relationship we share with our customers and in the high quality of our professional translations.

Officially authorised

Certified Translations

Our translation agency can provide certified translations which are required for official purposes. The list of documents which require certification, in both the business and private area, is long. These include excerpts from the commercial register, articles of partnership, financial statements, insurance confirmations, deeds, divorce decrees and testimonies.

Depending on the federal state, our professional translators are officially authorised, accredited or sworn by the respective district court, which allows them to certify the translations and thus vouch for the correctness and completeness of the translation.

Certified translations are accepted throughout Germany, which means, for example, that a certified translation produced in the state of Hesse will be accepted in Bavaria and vice versa.

If a certified translation is to be used abroad, it is often the case that an apostille or legalisation of the translation has to be issued by the responsible district court. An apostille is issued in accordance with the Hague Convention. It can only be issued for the current 117 signatories and member states (as at 01.04.19). For all other states, the respective district court can issue a legalisation. Non-members include Iran, Iraq, Syria and North Korea. The list of current members can be found on the website of the Foreign Office.

In some cases, the authorities abroad as well as the consulates and embassies of the country in question may require an additional legalisation by a consulate or embassy and may also demand another legalisation from the Federal Office of Administration in advance. We can take care of all the necessary “translations with official stamps” and provide the following:

  • Translation
  • Certification by the translator
  • If required, certification by a notary public
  • If required, apostille or legalisation by the responsible district court
  • If required, legalisation by the Federal Office of Administration
  • If required, legalisation by the embassy or consulate

Layout of foreign characters

Foreign-language typesetting

As a supplementary service to translations, we offer typesetting of Asian, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and other foreign-language characters. If you require data sheets, operating instructions, catalogues or business documents in these languages, we can provide you with the necessary print files.



In accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05 standard, the quality of the translation is checked, in a first step, by the translator himself. Sample checking is then carried out by Ka-Ve. In an additional step, any remaining errors are corrected upon your request by a reviewer. This reviewer is not the same person as the translator.

A specialist review – if required by you – can also be offered as well as proofreading for inconsistencies and execution of appropriate corrective measures.

This review includes assessing domain accuracy and respect for the relevant text-type conventions.



We perform editing only in exceptional cases. The main focus of editing is to improve the content of the text, which is usually not included in the scope of duties of a translator.

Top Priority

Urgent Translations

We have a large network of established professional translators from around the world. This means we are able to provide our services continuously and can usually deliver translations very quickly.

So if you ever need to place an urgent order … that’s no problem for us.

Let's work together

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