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Terminology refers to the use of specialist terms (jargon). These are the words or phrases used to describe products, services or industry jargon.

Many companies use a constantly growing number of specialist terms which have become established within the company or industry and have to be correctly documented, approved by the company and translated. This helps to ensure consistent translations that are free from ambiguities and misunderstandings. This process can involve the designation of components, product names or entire slogans.

The use of CAT tools, combined with a mother-tongue translator who has the appropriate cultural background, ensures the production of swift, efficient and high-quality translations which leave nothing to be desired.

If the consistent use of terms is not yet implemented in your company, we will be happy to support you in this. This is performed in several steps:

In the first step, we check the company’s own glossary of terms, if present, and/or evaluate any existing texts in the source language and available target languages.

We then consult the customer in order to discuss the existing terminology and define/approve the relevant terms. This existing terminology can then be supplemented by freely available, lexicalised terminology and collected in a terminology database.

Each translator is granted access to this terminology database so that the correct terms are used in translations from this point on. As time goes by, of course, this database gets bigger as new terms are added from subsequent translations.

To ensure that this process is carried out in a professional manner, we use translators who have an in-depth understanding as well as the necessary experience in the respective field. The translators are also assisted in this process through the use of specialist software.

your specific terms


For special texts or regular cooperation, we will prepare a directory with your company-specific vocabulary in as many languages as you like. On request this glossary can be adapted so that it is accessible to all company employees, for example electronically in the Intranet.

In collaboration with the customer, we can take an existing glossary of the customer’s own technical terms, validate these terms in the required languages and perform terminology research in conjunction with new terms which arise from ongoing translations in order to compile a customer-specific terminology database.

“Without terminology, clear, effective communication about subjects and contexts is impossible”Petra Drewer.

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